Our Mission

To close the gap in affordable housing production by "Empowering the World to Build".

iBUILD stimulates housing construction capacity to meet the pent-up global demand for affordable housing. An accessible, formal housing supply is simply non-existent for the majority of the world, leaving over 330 million households without adequate shelter. The iBUILD platform offers an elegant fintech solution that empowers an untapped workforce to transact in a secure, transparent environment, with customers, lenders, architects and suppliers linked together in a powerful hybrid value chain. iBUILD formalizes and demystifies the construction process so that large scale developers and financial institutions, as well as the informal masses are all able to track and manage their resources through an end-to-end solution for housing construction, transforming an unorganized marketplace into a vibrant transparent ecosystem.

iBUILD is a for-profit, public interest company dedicated to providing new ways of constructing affordable housing around the world.

Introducing iBUILD®

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With a U.S. Process Patent pending, iBUILD

is the world's first end-to-end home construction platform for whole house construction, incremental construction and repair. The iBUILD mobile application guides customers through every stage of the construction process however big or small, providing virtual project management for: housing finance, construction design, contractor and artisan bid management, materials and supply management and electronic payments. iBUILD offers the ability to pay based on verifiable project milestones and inspections, all within a secure, transparent ecosystem. Both formal and informal sector citizens have the ability to track and trace project costs and payments across all transactions within the ecosystem, delivering ultimate security and accountability.


iBUILD® in Action


Finding a Lender

The iBUILD mobile platform facilitates access to credit for consumers in need of a construction loan. iBUILD allows users to compare and access a multitude of diverse, competitively priced micro-lending and mortgage products on their mobile device or computer.  Lenders have the ability to ensure that funds are used for their intended purpose.



Planning and Design

The iBUILD mobile platform provides open access to architectural planning and design services so that they are available to every citizen at an affordable price. This increases the quality of construction for everyone. Having a marketplace for design allows even those building incrementally to benefit from a plan that can be followed over an extended period of time.



Ordering Materials

The iBUILD mobile platform enables the customer to locate material suppliers, compare pricing and verify onsite delivery of materials. Material orders can be tracked so that construction budgets can be tracked over the life of the project. 




Construction Management

iBUILD ensures that the most complex to the simplest construction projects are managed effectively and on budget. Contractors can verify work completion, cutting down time for customers and lenders spent traveling back and forth to the job site. Customers receive project bids, make payments to contractors and manage milestone completions for their projects.



Finding a Job

The iBUILD mobile platform allows contractors to post jobs, hire workers, track workers' time on-the-job and to pay workers directly through the iBUILD wallet. This further stimulates the creation of a regular local economy and a stable marketplace for home design, planning, and construction related careers.



Managing Payments

The iBUILD mobile platform allows all parties within the construction ecosystem to make and receive payments through their iBUILD wallet. iBUILD provides a secure, transparent platform where construction projects are monitored and payments are verified for completed work. Funds are topped up into the wallet through lender disbursements, deposits through a local bank or approved mobile money application such as M-PESA. iBUILD provides a digital record of all project transactions at your fingertips and allows users to manage  project payments effortlessly whether at work or home.


Tracking & Transparency

The iBUILD mobile app allows lenders and customers to see all transactions within their projects. Customers can add their money into the virtual wallet so that they have a record of their payments and full transparency of who was paid, how much and when payments were received. Lenders are able to view portfolio dashboards to track open and completed projects, all transactions within a project, milestone completions, over/under budget management and contractor performance.


Rating & Reviews

The iBUILD mobile application keeps a digital history of all contractors and their workers past performance.  In order to be on the platform, all contractors have been accredited with work history with ratings and reviews readily available. 


Leadership Team



Mary has decades of experience in Global finance and risk mitigation as former CFO of Cube Hydro, & Global CFO/COO of Ashoka, former Senior Director at NextEra Energy, as well as former Divisional Risk Management & Compliance Officer/Regional Financial Officer LATAM at G4S. She has managed complex financial reviews in Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa and South America and has extensive global M&A experience.  She managed multi-lateral loans with the IDB and was previously employed at KPMG LLP, Deloitte and Bank of America.



Jonathan is a lean six sigma and gained his experience with IBM as a management consultant for 7 years. He oversaw projects with government agencies and Fortune 500 companies as part of IBM's Strategy and Analytics practice. He has extensive expertise in interactive experience, application design, big data analytics, techniques, organizational change management and continuous process improvement.



Ronald is a Kenyan architect with over 20 years of international experience. Prior to iBUILD, Ronald was working for Habitat for Humanity as a Housing Support Services (HSS) specialist. He was responsible for the strategic planning, design, monitoring, supporting implementation and evaluation around Housing Support Services (HSS) in countries like Kenya, Rwanda, Ghana, Uganda, and Zambia.



Lew is a Navy veteran and an innovative social entrepreneur, with start up expertise, having launched 4 scalable solutions to various complex social issues around the globe. Lew is an accomplished CEO with international leadership experience. First in finance, then in the fishing industry, Lew ultimately invested his experience in affordable housing innovation where he  pioneered housing production strategies (PPP) in the U.S., resulting in thousands of affordable homes. 

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Bob is a serial entrepreneur with a proven track record across multiple and diverse industries. Having successfully launched 8 technology companies and raised over $150 million in capital, Bob brings  exceptional start-up management and technical experience to the iBUILD team. He worked as CEO at Stanford Intellectual Property Exchange for three years and brings with him a wealth of knowledge and vast network of professionals, academians and investors from Silicon Valley and beyond.



Nancy is an industry leader with corporate marketing and brand management experience with Coca-Cola USA, Kellogg’s and Leo Burnett Advertising. Nancy is the former CEO of Ashoka’s Youth Venture®, bringing significant global management experience. Nancy is a start-up guru and holds a U.S. process patent for her innovative method of building affordable housing communities. She has been heralded nationally for her entrepreneurial, paradigm-changing start-up non-profit, Builders of Hope, Inc. She is an Angel Investor and a Mentor for young women.


Advisory Board



Executive Director, Center for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa (CAHF)



Technical Director, Kenyan Federation of Master Builders



Director of Innovation Management, MasterCard Labs for Financial Inclusion



Director, Middle East, Europe & Africa, Habitat for Humanity



Managing Director/CEO, Family Home Funds, Ltd. 


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