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The World's Most Comprehensive Solution for Digitizing Construction Flows

iBUILD is the world’s first community-driven, digital construction company.

Whether you are building a small house, simply making improvements or building thousands of homes at a time, with the ability to search and find contractors, suppliers and to remotely manage your projects, you can feel confident as a first time home-builder or mass developer.

iBUILD is a trusted community marketplace for people to find project construction loans, rated contractors and material suppliers and to make payments tied to verified completed work all from a single platform- using your mobile phone.

iBUILD is ready to provide you with the consultancy expertise and state-of-the-art software you need to take your construction projects and programs fully digital!

“iBUILD is like Uber, PayPal, credit check, and mobile banking all in one!”

Yuan Xiao, PhD
Urban Development Specialist, The World Bank, Beijing Office

"iBUILD is smart. More than just a fancy app, it understands how low-income people manage their housing processes and provides a technological solution that saves time and money in favour of better housing outcomes."

Kecia Rust
Founder & Executive Director, Centre for Affordable Housing Finance in Africa

"iBUILD enables a circle economy for self-production housing, providing a trusted marketplace, technical assistance, proper cashflow and most importantly with transparency and effectiveness."

José David Álverez Maldonado
Deputy Director, Planning Sociedad Hiptecaria Federal

"iBUILD simplifies the steps in the construction process and makes it easier and more transparent for families to solve their housing construction needs."

Claudía Acuña
National Coordinator Self-Production, INFONAVIT

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