Disaster Assessment & Recovery

The iBUILD Post-Disaster Engineering Assessment app and web portal digitize and organize the  thousands  of assessments that flood in after a catastrophe. Our tools automate-estimate repairs and create a platform of connectivity and collaboration that builds capacity and streamlines the disaster recovery and reconstruction process.

Certified engineering assessments and estimates
Localized reports viewable in admin dahsboards
Efficient disbursement of funds  through  E-wallet

Disaster Assessment & Recovery Module

"Digitizing engineering damage reports, estimates & progress on reconstruction is critical to a more organized, collaborative recovery process."

What do you get?

The iBUILD Assessment tool integrates with the iBUILD platform to enjoin the benefits of our Platform Economy software.

iBUILD produces sharable custom re-construction estimates that can be released for competitive bid, in-app hiring and construction monitoring.

Use certified reports to collaborate with insurance companies, relief agencies, and governments.

The use of the iBUILD e-wallet ties relief funding, subsidies and insurance payments to  verified losses.

The iBUILD platform will help to ensure that  recovery funding is spent for its intended purpose; rebuilding quickly and adhering to country-specific resiliency and/or re-building requirements.


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