allows large-scale developers to remotely manage all aspects of their construction projects. The web module interacts directly with the iBUILD® app to provide real-time project management and on-site progress reporting.The iBUILD® Developer Management software

Realtime progress tracking & reporting
Remote project management
iBUILD® digital marketplace

Developer Module

What do you get?

iBUILD® tracks activity associated with custom project development processes, and specific construction requirements; this is accomplished using digital checklists with completion certifications.

The iBUILD® e-wallet feature allows traceability of payments to contractors, workers and suppliers.

iBUILD manages contractor and supplier bids, coordinates and tracks contractor hires, supply orders, payments and all downstream project transactions throughout the entire construction process. iBUILD® ensures Developer payments are tied directly to work completion through verified ‘milestones’ and 2-party authentication.

iBUILD® delivers customized reporting for Architects, Finance, Ops, Tech, Procurement; impact reporting can also be managed through the portal using our checklist reporting feature and our Tableau interface.


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