About iBUILD

Our mission is to close the gap in affordable housing production by Empowering the World to Build.

iBUILD Global is a For-Profit/For-Good software development company. The patent-pending iBUILD® technology consists of an app and an app-accessible, cloud-based platform of tools and services. iBUILD® has pioneered a fintech Platform Economy for construction, with the capability for an end-to-end value chain of construction stakeholders to connect and collaborate across multiple projects and geographies simultaneously.

Registered in 8 contries
Founded in 2017
Technology patents pending

iBUILD Products & Services

iBUILD engineers unique software products for stakeholders across an end-to-end value chain. We offer consultancy services to assist you in the digitalization of people, process, projects, and payments.

Why We Do What We Do

The 2022 global population is estimated at 8 billion.
According to the United Nations Settlements Program, approximately 1.6B people live in inadequate housing worldwide.
In emerging markets, self-managed home construction contributes 60-70% of annual housing inventory. Digital innovation is necessary to organize and support the construction ecosystem for expansion & accelerated growth.
Scalability and inclusive access to housing finance, labor and materials heavily depends on digital innovation.
Despite limited ability to find affordable housing in urban areas, families flock to cities to find work; they earn minimum wages and often manage to send money back to their villages to construct beautiful homes where they will one day return.
In India, it is estimated that there is a shortfall of 18.78 million affordable homes. Although government is experimenting with subsidies to accelerate self-build construction, digital tools are required to scale the program.
In Mexico, nearly half of the urban population lives in informal settlements, lacking access to basic services and facing eviction risks.
Poverty is widespread in Africa, with approximately 41% of the population living below the poverty line. Yet, many have access to family land and incrementally build their homes as savings allow.
The majority of global population growth is coming from developing countries and more than half of the growth comes from the African continent alone. The original iBUILD solution was engineered,  tested and launched in Africa.
Africa leads the world in Mobile Money adoption and by 2025 it is estimated that half of the sub-saharan population will be mobile service subscribers. Penetration in Kenya has already hit  114.2 out of every 100 inhabitants.
iBUILD Global is a team of experts dedicated to solving the housing production shortfall by providing digital innovation and products for the construction industry.