The iBUILD® app connects the customer, contractor, worker and supplier on a single platform where they can transparently and securely connect and transact throughout the life of a project with a simple to use mobile app.

Find trusted contractors
No upfront payments
Pay only for completed work

What do you get?

Find reliable contractors
Choose from thousands of contractors on the app. Rather than trust the same guy who tells you he has the best price in you can actually search and compare! Contractors are rated on past work and a badge is put next to their profile if they are NCA verified or otherwise certified, so you know you are dealing with professionals!
Make payments with secure E-wallet
iBUILD® provides a secure, transparent platform where construction projects are monitored and payments are verified for completed work. Funds are topped up into the mobile wallet loaded by payments such as M-PESA. iBUILD® provides a digital record of all project transactions at your fingertips and allows users to manage project payments effortlessly whether at work or home.
Manage projects from anywhere
Using the iBUILD® app you can manage your project easily from the touch of your phone! Contractors will upload photos of completed work for you to review so you don't have to travel to site. Photos are geolocated so you can verify the project location!


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