The iBUILD Supplier Web portal and App allows retailers, distributors and manufacturers to manage B2B2C online ordering and transactions through a digital storefront and platform marketplace.

Digital store front
Easily manage orders and payments
Connect with new customers

What do you get?

Find new customers
Thousands of contractors and homeowners on the app can search for your materials near them! By being a supplier on the app, when customers search for materials you sell in their radius you will automatically pop up. iBUILD® is free access to thousands of new customers!
Manage bids and orders through the app
All suppliers, contractors, workers, and customers will be together on one app putting your business in the exact right place! Material requests are made directly to you and deliveries can be arranged through the app. Managing and promoting your supplies just became a whole lot easier!
Manage and receive digital payments
iBUILD® provides a secure, transparent platform where payments are verified for completed work. Funds are topped up into the mobile wallet loaded by payments such as M-PESA. iBUILD® provides a digital record of all distribution transactions at your fingertips and allows users to manage  payments effortlessly whether at work or home.


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