World Bank Hosts iBUILD & Miyamoto

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June 22, 2020

iBUILD Global and Miyamoto International presented jointly in a BBL hosted by The World Bank to address quality control and housing construction. The presentation and subsequent discussion included scaled implementation and management of retrofitting existing homes using the iBUILD and Miyamoto QAQC tools now in the iBUILD app and integrated with program management software.

Lew Schulman, Kit Miyamoto, Ph.D., S.E., and Olivia (Caldwell) Nielsen also shared the QA and Estimator tools for disaster recovery programs. Miyamoto shared their success in Puerto Rico using the QAQC tool and the excellent use of the new dashboard management with views of all digital assessments, geo-tagged photos, drill down details and geographical plotting.

The iBUILD & Miyamoto digital tools, have made engineering remarkably affordable, accessible and easier to scale, offering new capabilities for government to closely monitor construction projects for quality assurance and code compliance.

Thanks to Dao Harrison, the World Bank.

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