Solving the Global Housing Crisis

June 5, 2023

The emerging market housing supply is critically dependent upon incremental construction of private homes. Over 80% of inventory is supplied by individuals managing construction of their own homes, and home expansions. 

Meeting the Housing Demand in Emerging Markets

That being the case, we must realize that a global solution to build houses in the range of 1.2B units - the current deficit in housing supply and the majority of which comes from emerging markets’ booming population - we must design and engineer solutions to catapult individual housing construction. Whether micro-loans, government subsidies or sheer efficiency leading to consumer protections and significant cost savings, new innovative technology must perform at the citizen level and create access and collaboration for digital constructs and e-payments between government, lenders, consumers, contractors and suppliers in a transparent and accountable ecosystem. Exactly what we have fully developed with the iBUILD technology platform.

The Role of Digitalization and Accountability in Housing Construction

According to estimates by the World Bank only $0.55 of every dollar actually makes it into intended construction projects. If we fix that - we double the capital investment going into the sector. Digitalization and accountability software is a must. Until now, large programs funding individual family units was untenable because of the inability to effectively manage millions of scattered site, small projects. This is now possible with iBUILD. It is the C2C mass construction efforts that need to be enhanced and expedited in order to meet the critical housing demand before us. It is a market where individuals are accustomed to incrementally building their own homes and it is entirely possible to ignite this existing momentum to attack the housing supply issue head-on. A billion people building a billion homes.

It is now entirely possible with iBUILD!

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