30,000 Registered Users for iBUILD Kenya

September 18, 2020

Congratulations to the iBUILD Kenya Team for their hard work during this pandemic; iBUILD REGISTERED users in Kenya have exceeded 30,000 and continues to grow!

Despite the down turned economy and lock downs across most countries, iBUILD has continued to be top of mind, especially due to new social distancing requirements and an increased desire for connecting to a digital economy to find jobs and purchase materials. Customers, Contractors, Workers, Lenders and Supply Chain participants have increased in user registrations across the board. Large Scale Lenders and Developers have found that access to our Remote Project Management tools and Disbursement Management and transaction tracing are instrumental during these times.

Now, more than ever, iBUILD demonstrates the importance of a Digitized Ecosystem and over the course of the past 6 months iBUILD has not only increased user registrations; iBUILD has also realized an increase in the number of Licensing Agreements signed and new country partnership interest.

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