Verified Contractors

Find quality contractors with work history and reviews to complete your home construction project.

Track Progress

Get updates on construction with progress photos and message directly with the contractor.

Pay Via Mobile Phone

Connect your bank account, mobile money account, or credit/debit card to pay contractors with no hassle.

How does it work?

iBUILD provides digital housing support services
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How does it work?

iBUILD provides digital housing support services

Search & Apply for Housing Finance

Lenders advertise home building loan products via iBUILD that you can apply for and receive funds directly for construction to your iBUILD Digital Savings Wallet.

Get Quotes & Find a Contractor

Create your dream project or send a request for home repair and have a register iBUILD contractor send you quotes to complete the works.

Track Construction Progress

Project management platform allows you and your lender to track construction progress with updates from your contractor and release funds based on works completed.

Pay Via Contractor Mobile Phone

All work progress is tied to your digital savings wallet. Contribute funds from your bank account, mobile money account, debit/credit card, or lender and use these funds to pay the contractor.

Our Story

Housing meets Technology

In Mckinsey & Company’s 2014 report: “Tackling the world’s affordable housing challenge” they highlighted the need for over 440 million new housing units to be supplied by 2030 to close the global affordability gap.

Seeking to address affordable housing issues, we realized the limiting factors were tied to high levels of risk driven by a lack of transparency and access to credible actors. We explored how the rapid adoption of mobile applications and mobile money could help solve these problems.  Through interviews and process analysis, we discovered there was an opportunity to design an application focused on these pain points. It is impossible to give everyone a home, but if a mobile app can transform the dynamics of the market, we believe it can dramatically help close the 440 million unit housing gap.


Other iBUILD Features

Design Your Dream Home

iBUILD offers plans from certified architects that you can use to design your dream home and begin incrementally building

Order Material Supplies

iBUILD allows you to directly purchase materials and get bill of quantity estimates from local suppliers

Reviews & Ratings

All contractors have been accredited with work history and rating reviews readily available.

Digital Savings Wallet

Connect any kind of account you want (mobile, bank, debit, or credit) and save towards your next project to get discounts!

iBUILD Coming Soon via Apple Store, Google Play, and Web

Get ready to build together!
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