Home Improvement

Hundreds of millions of people are currently living without adequate, secure shelter and have no formal connections to affordable, modern construction methods, materials or construction professionals. Energy sources such as affordable solar could be forever changing lives, but are typically undiscovered. Most of these families wait generations for better living conditions and yet they can afford incremental improvements to their homes right now.

Formalization and Efficiency

Track your project by setting milestones that must be met prior to further payment being released and keep your project moving. Minimize downtime by tracking construction material orders and ensuring that your project funds are being used for their intended purpose.. Track progress online and keep a historical record of all transactions, contractors and workers hired throughout the life of a project.

Improved Livelihoods & Training

iBUILD provides workers with an electronic record of hours worked, mobile payments for their work and employer and customer ratings; iBUILD further provides a video library for skills development. Together with work history, iBUILD serve as an electronic CV that allows workers to improve their pay over time, find consistent work, advance their careers and access credit for SME loans and their own housing improvements.