iBUILD Launch Welcome Speech: Empowering Kenyans to Build

Today is an important day for iBUILD and today is also an important day for Kenya.

For the very first time, anywhere in the world, a nation is given an opportunity to change the landscape of affordable housing through the power of its own citizens. Today we introduce to you an innovative mobile application that ignites housing construction and capacity for both developers and homeowners, organizing a hybrid value chain of industry professionals and services - making home building and repairs a snap for all Kenyans. iBUILD is launching an innovative , US patent-pending construction services platform into Kenya as their chosen market for debut. Kenyans are savvy with technology, have one of the highest national smart phone penetration rates and are in desperate need -like so many other countries in the world-of new, innovative and scalable affordable housing solutions.

Today is the day that iBUILD is introduced to Kenya. Today is the day that all Kenyans should rise up and take their housing plight into their own hands. There are millions of capable construction industry professionals around the country and joining iBUILD is the best, most secure way to transact. No more losing money by transporting cash to and from job sites. No more doing work without getting paid. No more picking up “fundis” on street corners or fighting your way through crowds of fundis looking for work at the entrance to your job sites. And customers can now search and find qualified and certified contractors- verified AND rated- with a full history of their iBUILD construction projects and capabilities.

Today is the day you will want to download and register- today is the day that hope has come to those who have little and can now do “something” because they become equals in the iBUILD ecosystem and whether you have a little skill or a lot and whether you have a large project or a small one- iBUILD delivers the same free access to search, find and hire the very best that Kenya has to offer.

The 21st century has finally arrived to the construction marketplace and it is time that Kenya shows the rest of the world how innovative and collaborative they truly are! Safe and secure transactions, vetted and certified contractors and rated workers with track record of historical performance and skillsets. This is the wave of the future and this future is now at your doorstep. iBUILD: We are Empowering the World to Build!

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